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By Force of Arms (Revolution at Sea Trilogy/James L. Nelson, Bk 1)

James L. Nelson

By Force of Arms (Revolution at Sea Trilogy/James L. Nelson, Bk 1)

The tradition of Patrick O'Brian's epics is carried on gloriously in this first novel of a new historical naval adventure series, set during the time of the War of Independence. Merchant sea captain Isaac Biddlecomb flees the New England coast after engaging a British man-of-war and foiling its bid to seize his illicit cargo. When fate casts him into the hands of a sadistic British captain, Biddlecomb's thirst for liberty is put to the ultimate test.

The Maddest Idea (Revolution at Sea/James L. Nelson, Bk 2)

From Booklist
The second volume of Nelson's Revolution at Sea trilogy improves upon the first, By Force of Arms (1995). Captain Isaac Biddlecomb of Rhode Island is still the protagonist, leading the British on a merry chase as he seeks powder for Washington's revolutionary army. Meanwhile, Major Fitzgerald of Virginia hunts for the traitor who caused Biddlecomb to sail into a trap. The climax of this panel of the triptych requires adding a notable episode to the colonies' siege of Boston, but it will keep the reader absorbed, as, indeed, will the whole book. Nelson still paints his characters with broad strokes, but now his pacing is brisk, and the salt air blows through every chapter. He has also well captured the improvised quality of the American war effort in 1775 and the divided loyalties of colonists who had only just begun to think of themselves as Americans. Nelson now sails honorably with the squadron of naval fiction scribes currently led by Patrick O'Brian. Roland Green

The Continental Risque : Revolution at Sea Saga (Revolution at Sea Saga/James L. Nelson, Bk 3)

Nelson's exciting seafaring trilogy concludes. As cries for independence ring through the chambers of the Second Continental Congress, Captain Isaac Biddlecomb and his crew are called upon to engage The Royal Navy.

Lords of the Ocean (Nelson, James L. Revolution at Sea Trilogy, Bk. 4.)

The fourth volume of Nelson's Revolution at Sea saga covers the period from the Declaration of Independence to the autumn of 1777, which leaves six more years of the revolution to occupy several additional volumes. Nelson continues to put Isaac Biddlecombe in the center of the historical stage. Biddlecombe conveys Benjamin Franklin to France, receives a salute to the Grand Union flag, and then embarks on a somewhat checkered career of raiding British commerce in British home waters. All of this makes for a real page-turner, with plenty of first-class fight scenes for aficionados of sailing warfare. Some of those scenes are almost comic, such as the spectacle of both Biddlecombe and a traitorous American simultaneously trying to rescue some of Isaac's crew from Bristol Harbor, while others are strictly edge-of-the-seat affairs. Keenly aware of the plot possibilities offered by the events of history and the technology of sailing ships, Nelson continues to earn the loyalty of his steadfast readers. Roland Green

Book Description
James L. Nelson's Revolution at Sea saga has brought to life a never-before-seen side of America's war for independence. Once again, with the expertise of a seasoned mariner, a historian's vivid attention to detail, and a natural gift for sensational storytelling, "the American counterpart to Patrick O'Brian" (David Brink) carries us along on his bold and stirring course through history.

It is the summer Of 1776 in the former Crown colony of New York. Looming off Staten Island is a fleet of British transports. On Brooklyn Heights, huddled behind hastily constructed fortifications, are the remnants of General George Washington's army. There, Captain Isaac Biddlecomb seeks Washington's aide in the reinstatement of his first officer -- only to find Washington preparing for the final destruction of the Continental Army.

After skillfully ferrying Washington's troops across the East River and through the hell known as the Battle of Long Island, Biddlecomb, the commander of the Continental brig-of-war Charlemagne, receives a monumental order. He is to transport to France the most unlikely, the most potentially dangerous, and most powerful secret weapon in the country's arsenal: scientist, philosopher, and spirit of the enlightenment, Dr. Benjamin Franklin. Leading a new crew through the wintry North Atlantic, braving the cordon of the Royal navy, Biddlecomb's seemingly simple mission of delivering Franklin to the court of Louis XVI is just the first volley in a grand scheme. With Biddlecomb boldly raiding the English coast and Franklin strategizing in the chambers of Versailles, the two Americans conspire to blow the French neutrality out of the water -- and turn the colonial uprising into a full-scale war for freedom.

A novel of epic scope and staggering adventure, Lords of the Ocean is as commanding, as vivid, and as stirring as history itself.

All the Brave Fellows (Nelson, James L. Revolution at Sea Saga, Bk. 5.)

One of today's most gifted historical novelists, James L. Nelson writes breathtaking descriptions of the sea and the age of fighting sail when sailors became warriors and warriors became legends. Now Nelson, "the American counterpart to Patrick O'Brian" (David Brink), takes us into the heart of the Revolutionary War, as the British seize the capital of revolutionary America, Philadelphia, and General George Washington yields ground to the superior British force but refuses to give in.

The Guardship : Book One of the Brethren of the Coast (Nelson, James L. Brethren of the Coast, Bk. 1.)

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